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Start Your Own Talk Radio Show
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  • New to live internet talk radio?
  • Losing your good reputation with automated software systems?
  • Do you wish to market globally?
  • Unclear on internet talk radio?
  • Desirous of higher quality audio?
  • Are automated services lacking?
  • Is a live operator non-existent?
  • Looking to step up your game?
  • Needing a place to call home?
  • Ready to do it right, with style?
  • Audio podcasting walk-throughs
  • Use cell, skype, analog, codec
  • Do talk radio right: From the casual user to the professional
  • Professional Live and Engaging Talk Radio done right! - Yeah!

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Let the Creators of the BBS Radio network help you Start Your Own Talk Radio Show!

BBS Talk Radio, a website owned, created and maintained by BBS Network Inc., is now directly helping individuals, broadcasters, podcasters, groups, businesses, micro-broadcasters, celebrities, current radio personalities, and anyone else, find out how they can easily create their own professional talk show. More info...

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Start your own talk radio show by starting a live broadcast or podcast. It is easy, simple & fun! Check out BBS. We are reliable, well established, extremely knowledgeable and we have the sophistication. Our service, our website and our software are legendary.

Professionally engineered live and interactive broadcasts that become globally syndicated podcasts, all at an affordable price. We do talk radio right!

• Fully interactive professional live broadcasts anyone can do from anywhere.
• Global syndication of podcasts, plus dynamic feeds to All Major Portals
• Complete integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Pinterest!
• A plethora of 'real time' performance statistics that are dynamic & accurate!
• Highly visible, professionally customized web site, platinum level features!
• No Gimmicks. No Limits. No Restrictions. No Censorship. No S#!%.

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